The Instant Replay in Soccer

At the moment the instant replay in soccer is not allowed by the FIFA. But why is it forbidden? The reasoning by the FIFA is that if you use the instant replay it would just destroy the game because it would take to much time too often. But is that true? The instant replay would be mainly needed in decisions about offsides, fouls and goals. In these cases the game is usually anyways stopped for an amount of time in which you could check the decision by the referees on the field with another referee somewhere outside of the field. Also we see the instant replay is used effectively in Basketball, a game which is much faster than soccer.

So obviously the reasoning by the FIFA is pretty weak, so what are the real reasons? The nicest way experts and ordinary people explain it is that Joseph Blatter (president of the FIFA) is just too conservative for this kind of change. Other people say that he doesn’t do because he is corrupt (there were corruption reproaches against him in matter of the elections to the president in 1998 and 2002). The only fact i know about this issue is that we really need the instant replay in soccer. Because they were wrong decisions made on the field which leaded to the loss of millions of dollars for teams who actually deserved the money and the prestige resulting out of an important win.

This is one example for a terribly wrong decision. It was probably one of the reasons why we (Germany) won against England in the eighth final of the FIFA World Cup 2010.


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8 Responses to The Instant Replay in Soccer

  1. tsluecke says:

    Carl, I have never really been into soccer but this was very interesting to read. I know that soccer is a very important sport in Germany and that here in america we don’t follow it as much. I would love if you posted more stuff about sports in Germany!

  2. alexmoore105 says:

    If they allow replays on goals, eventually everyone will want instant replay on offsides, fouls and everything else. That will slow the game down so much. I think FIFA wants to keep the game the way it is. In a game with no stops, why do we need to add any?

    • As i said till the game starts again everybody except the referees and the players see that goal between 3 to 10 times in normal speep and slow motion with analysis. And the reason to change it is that there is a lot money involved and soccer is emotional if your national team loses against another it is devastating for every real fan and it is even worse when your team lost the game because of the referees. And besides that have you watched the video i have posted? Isn’t that enough reason to argue for it?

  3. Korvin says:

    They should get all soccer players in a room, then lock the door, because watching them fight and attempt to survive will be much more thrilling then watching a bunch of fags kick a ball around for 95 minutes.

    The best part about soccer: sometimes they plant a foot and break a leg…. CASH

  4. mimi26414080 says:

    interesting i never think of that!maybe they could just instant replay some of it but not every time, so it wont make the game go to slow.

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